DBM Episode 50: Our Golden Episode, Fans Only, Honk for Jesus & Looking Back




Dear Mama,

Stop waiting for the big moment.  Celebrate now.  Celebrate the big things, the small things, the major milestones and the minor ones even if they’re only meaningful to you, even if they come much later than you expected.  Instead of judging the journey, rest in gratitude.  Our celebration is a thank you to God, Spirit, the universe, the ancestors, the Orishas, the angels and our very own souls  for all they’ve done, for clearing our path, for holding us, standing with us, carrying us. We celebrate this 50th episode.  We are grateful to you and most of all we are grateful for the journey and we trust the expansion that lies ahead. 


We couldn’t have come this far without our listeners.  THANK YOU & a special shoutout to the five lucky listeners who joined us for this episode.


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Black Mama Magic Card 5: Live A Life You Created In A World You Help Shape

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Mac & Cheese

We are soooo excited to celebrate our 50th episode with our fans!! We’re creating a DBM Time Capsule.  Crystal, NeKisha & Thea each drop one item in a Black Mama Magic Time Capsule, one thing DBM has inspired them to do and what they’re manifesting for DBM future.

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  • The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

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