DBM Episode 51: When It All Falls Down, Finding Freedom & Transitioning to Conscious Parenting w/ Domari Dickinson




Dear Mama,

What if I told you conscious parenting wasn’t about your children, it was about your journey to freedom, about you creating the life and relationship you desire about leaving behind a system that you and your children may be highly functioning in but it’s in fact causing harm and it just don’t feel good. These are the beautiful revelations we discovered in our conversation with liberation partner and conscious parenting coach Domari Dickinson. This conversation is about more than conscious parenting, it’s about how Black mothers can free ourselves from the myths and shackles of motherhood. We are diving deep into finding liberation in the Black motherhood experience, for our children and for ourselves over the next three episodes and Domari Dickinson kicks this series off in a powerful way. We talk:

    • The relationship between conscious parenting and Raheem Davaughn (it’s there 🤣)
    • The good, bad, the ugly of transitioning to conscious parenting
    • Repairing your relationship with adult children (chiiilllleee we got healing to do 🙏🏿)

And she has a workshop starting NOVEMBER 14th.

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    • Black Mama Magic Card #13 Black Mama Creative = Dream Doula
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  • Guest
    • Domari Dickinson is Black woman who enjoys being a mama who occasionally does some dope shit and likes one sentence bios but if we we say more…  She is an unschooling mom of four, a certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator, and a liberation partner. She provides specialized programs and coaching services that invite parents to identify their oppressive parenting practices while co-creating spaces where they can discuss how to implement more liberatory, love-centered practices that are focused on freedom, respect, and autonomy. Domari is also an educational consultant and serves on the board for The Alliance for Self-Directed Education.
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  • Segment Highlights from Domari
    • [27:43] I knew my husband didn’t wanna marry me, but I made him marry me anyway. 
    • [31:08] I had gotten really good at training teachers how to cause harm to young people and I could not continue. 
    • [34:32] I had to go on my own journey along with them, my freedom journey to be able to let them be free.
    • [36:49] My kids still remember me yelling all the time. My kids still remember not feeling safe around me. 
    • [39:50] It’s interesting because our oldest, she’s my stepdaughter, and so the way in which I responded to her was completely different than the way I responded to my biological kids. I felt like I do not have a right to put my hands on her, and so I would have to really be intentional and think through. My responses to her.
    • [1:04:11] I’m not waiting till they’re like 40 and, you know, have this breakthrough with their therapist to say, Oh yeah. It was like, as things are happening, like checking in.
    • [1:04:58] My oldest is 21 and I told you I haven’t even been doing this for ten years. So there’s a big difference for how she’s seeing her younger siblings being raise. And I have to be conscious of that too. Right? And I keep telling her this, but I have to keep having these conversations to say like, just because you see me treating them differently doesn’t mean that you didn’t deserve this too.
    • [1:10:47]  She would always say, I never want kids. I never want kids. And I knew that it was because of, you know, how I raised her, but also like the responsibility that she had for her younger siblings.
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