DBM Episode 52: Black Women Organizing, Hoes That Ain’t Loyal & Spiritual Political Cycles

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Dear Mama,

Hey Mamas!  The election dust has settled, MLK’s birthday is in our rearview mirror & February is on the horizon which means we are rested and hopeful so now is the perfect time to look at the political landscape for Black folx with clear eyes.  Yup! It’s the Black Mama Magic Election Update. Our first episode was in response to the 2016 election and we haven’t missed an election cycle yet. In this episode we talk: about how we feel now vs. 2016, what gives us hope, In this episode we talk:

👉🏾Black Americans are 10 toes down for The Constitution

👉🏾Why democrats need to stop chasing hoes that ain’t loyal.

👉🏾What gives us hope (Clue: Black women 😉)

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Mac & Cheese

The political conversation you didn’t know you needed!

  • Segment Highlights
    • [00:26:36] The constitution is based on the assumption that white men will act right. -Crystal Tennille Irby
    • [00:28:51] It depends on people taking that spiritual awakening though and applying it to systems that helps you to determine where and how to put your energy. -Thea Monyee
    • [00:30:25] There’s certainly a, a lack of respect, a booming lack of respect for intellectual curiosity. -Nekisha Killings
    • [00:32:00] America works, it doesn’t have an ethic. It doesn’t have ethic that says we want to actually be better.  Our ethic says we want to have more. -Thea Monyee
    • [00:33:26] I don’t get excited when they say that America chose democracy because black folks have always voted in favor of democracy. Black people are the most American of the Americans. -Crystal Tennlle Irby
    • [00:36:16] If you depend on the party to organize you, then you have to align with the party line. But when we organize ourselves, we align with our own needs. -Crystal Tennille Irby
    • [00:37:28] Because I am an American and indoctrinated into the history of America, I thought that every substantial change required blood. And so now I have hope because I know that it does not, that’s a choice. -Crystal Tennille Irby
    • [00:38:25] If you know, life, death, rebirth, this goes for your personal life, your political life, your work life. If you know to recognize where you are in that cycle, you will work with the energy of death to be a part of the rebirth as opposed to delaying the death, which can’t delay the rebirth. -Thea Monyee
    • [00:43:46] We are always progressing and what we need to do is start to see and differentiate between our growth and progress and evolution and American growth and, and progress evolution. Cause then we think nothing’s happening, but really everything be happening over here. You can just look at television from 2016 till now and the types of shows we’re talking about. -Thea Monyee
    • [00:54:32] Stop chasing white people, no cycle after cycle. They have shown you what they gonna do. -Crystal Tennille Irby
    • [00:56:22] To get that power racism is one of many tools. It doesn’t matter to them who is the face, especially if the face is a puppet, if it’s a person that they can completely control to continue to maintain. -Thea Monyee
    • [01:06:50] The reason anybody has any rights when they come here is because of black people. Because Black people did not say, we are just doing civil rights for Black people, and we would like to see what else happens. Literally, everybody got rights, the only rights that existed in the United States, cuz we have never signed the UN agreement for human rights. So, The only rights available to you are civil rights, and those are because of black people. And that is point blank. -Thea Monyee
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