DBM Episode 36: Election Shift w/ Shaping The Shift




#Dear Mama Exhale. Amen. Ashe White folk gon white folk & patriarchy is a helluva drug.  We all we got and thank God we got each other.  No one is coming to save us because we have the creativity and brilliance to save ourselves.  So let’s approach this election as an opportunity to be imaginative.  

As we head to the polls and anticipate the outcome of this year’s presidential election, the Mamas have a plan to prepare you for the political and social aftermath of what has been a tumultuous year & OF COURSE we got that #BlackMamaMagic #ElectionPlaylist: http://bit.ly/blackmamamagicelectionplaylist

This week’s serious subject is infused with signature Dem Black Mamas humor and insights informed by a Black, womanist, and inherently intersectional feminist perspective.

Come get this truth and exhale the “amen” and “ashé” you didn’t know was brewing in your spirit all this time.

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The Turn On Podcast (@theturnonpodcast) Relieve some anxiety, turn off the election coverage and get turned on with The Turn On Podcast.  The Turn On is a podcast for Black people who want to get off. To open their minds. To learn. To be part of a community. To show that we love and fuck too, and it doesn’t have to be political or scandalous or dirty. Unless we want it to be.

To be Black and American and woman-identified is to consistently have your being and your body reduced to mammy (asseuxal caretaker), jezebel (oversexualized whore) or sapphire (angry shrew). While White women have been encouraged to burn their bras and join the sexual revolution and film themselves having sex on HBO shows ad nauseam, Black women and femmes have been shown that having healthy intimate, sexual relationships with ourselves and others is outside our reach. Add in the -isms that are rained on us because of our lack of proximity to Whiteness and traditional ideas of maleness, and you have a recipe for a group of people who need help getting in touch with who we are and what we crave. The Turn On lights the way.

Join us best friends, Erica and Kenrya, every Wednesday as they read a sexy piece of Black erotica, chop it up with the mind behind the literature, give y’all way too much information about our sex lives, and share some tips and tricks you might want to incorporate the next time you get it in.

Hosts Erica and Kenrya, curious, hilarious, direct, Black best friends who love to have sex and read about sex and learn about sex, and would rather give up our vibrators than yuck someone else’s yum. We’ll explore all facets of sexuality, from kink to masturbation to sex work to having orgasms while disabled. Our lens for the show is “sex and…,” because we know that sex is never just about sex. Every time you tune in, we’ll turn you on and teach you something you can use to get off.



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