Meditations By Mamas: Black Love w/ Crystal Tennille Irby

Meditations By Mamas Crystal Tennille Irby




Dear Mama,

Sometimes you just need to gift yourself with a deep whoo-sah!⁣

Put yourself on time out, go to an empty room or a quiet corner, and just allow your chest to expand with breath. ⁣

Feel gratitude. Feel frustration. Feel whatever it is that you need to feel for that moment, without self-judgment.⁣

Allow yourself to simply be.⁣

Exist fully and unapologetically in your Blackness. Suspend yourself in love. Love for self, love for our people, love for your children, love for your partner.⁣

And then you can get back to everything & everyone. Just remember; first, you are everything thing to yourself.⁣

Join Crystal Tennille Irby for a much needed #MeditationWithMamas — just in time to get us centered for the holiday whirlwind!⁣

Crystal Tennille Irby is a spoken word poetry grand slam champion, published writer, director and identifies as a #BlackMamaCreative, an artist creating work across multiple artistic disciplines centering Black women and mothering, absent of the white gaze.  She is the current co-host and executive producer of Dem Black Mamas Podcast, a podcast that delves into the unique experience of Black mothers raising free children in an unfree world.  Crystal is a TEDxGreenville presenter,  a Watering Hole Poetry Fellow and the founder and Director of Writers Well Youth Fellowship, a program for Black girls ages 14-19 focused on writing and performance. Her recent credits include, Untitled Reconstruction Project, which she directed and co-produced and Untamed Womb: Reclaiming Wonder Through Healing, Liberation & Creativity, a Project Row Houses installation which she co-curated.  Crystal has presented at numerous conferences including Black Maternal Health Conference & Training Institute; Let’s Talk About Sex, & HIV Prevention & Education Summit.  In addition to her creative endeavors, Crystal has over 15 years of experience working to dismantle systemic and institutional racism.  She works as a community doula helping Black birth persons stay connected to their body and as a facilitator for Speaking Down Barriers pushing communities forward by helping Black people heal from race and gender trauma.

Crystal is the mother of 4 children and shares her life with an Omega man. 

#MeditationsByMamas are lead by Black mamas to help us maintain in alignment with healing, creativity, and liberation to manifest joy and abundance. ⠀


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