Meditations By Mamas: Rest Is Your Birthright w/ Jasmin Forts




Dear Mama

You have a right to rest.

You do not have to earn it. You ought not have to fight for it. You are worthy of this and so much more.

Join Jasmin Forts for #MeditationWithMamas experience that we need right now! We know you’re busy being everything to everyone but take a moment to listen to this.

Jasmin is the self-proclaimed AntiHustle Professional and Founder of A Rested Working Woman & A Sisters Siesta, a career and support group services specializing in practical maintenance and mental health resources for professional black women.

She has been featured on several publications such as Black Enterprise and Teen Vogue sharing her insight on HR practices and anything supporting wellness for professional black women.

She is the author of “A Sisters Siesta: A Pocketbook Guide of Positivity, HR Protocol, and Vignettes for the Professional Black Woman” and coaches hundreds of women needing support to excel professionally.

#MeditationWithMamas — just in time to get us centered for the holiday whirlwind!⁣#MeditationsByMamas are lead by Black mamas to help us maintain in alignment with healing, creativity, and liberation to manifest joy and abundance. ⠀


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