DBM Episode 18 Deez Black Votes




#DearMama In the darkest hour, in our deepest fear do we bury our head in the bloody wounded sand of America or do we heal?  We look back at our first episode, recorded immediately following the 2016 Election, and examine where we are now as opposed to where we thought we’d be and how that election transformed our lives as Black women, surprisingly for the better.  Be sure to tag us on social media when sharing the episode and use the hashtag #BeyondtheBallot.


Church Announcements/Prayer Requests: DBM merch; NeKisha’ Birthday; Thea heals in real time from her Halloween trauma and Nekisha shares the good news of a rapture and resurrection of a different kind.

Mac & Cheese: Deez Black Votes

Collection Plate Causes: Black Mamas Matter Alliance 

Black Mama Say: “Write a check yo ass can’t cash.”

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