DBM Episode 32: Ritual In Creativity w/ Akilah S. Richards




#Dearmama it’s time to tune in to your creativity with intention. It’s time to liberate yourself from the false and often unattainable ideas of how your creativity is SUPPOSED to look. It’s time for you to #decolonize by divesting from #grindculture, ableist productivity ideology, formulas, and comparison. It’s time for you to rediscover the joy in your art.

It’s time for #blackmamacreativeweek and a #newepisode of Dem Black Mamas!

We are excited to take this deep dive with the amazing Akilah S. Richards (@fareofthefreechild) & discuss unlocking creativity through ritual.

Akilah S. Richards is an absolute force of nature. She is the host of Fare of the Free Child, a lifestyle and parenting podcast about the connection between liberation, learning, and parenting, particularly among BIPOC communities. The voice and work of this Jamaican-born, digital nomad, have been featured on NPR, NBC TV, Good Morning America’s blog, and in several literary and in-person spaces throughout the U.S., Jamaica, and South Africa. She is a TEDx Speaker, an accomplished digital content writer, and sought-after facilitator whose highly-anticipated book, Raising Free People: Unschooling as Liberation and Healing Work (PM Press), will be released in the Fall of 2020.

We are made more whole by her wisdom and honored to have her as a special guest during Black Mama Creative Week.


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Church Announcements/Prayer Requests

Prayer Request: 

  • To the families who have lost people through state sanctioned violence and white supremacy rage.
  • People giving birth during COVID-19, Birth workers, & everyone who has is suffering from, caring for someone, and/or lost someone from COVID-19


Mac & Cheese:

Healing, Creativity & Ritual w/ Akilah S. Richards

Black Mama Say:

Trust & Believe



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