DBM Episode 49: Leaning Into Love, Reclaiming Yourself & Staying Present




Dear Mama,

Sometimes the magic is in the unplanned.  Sometimes the lessons come in spontaneous moments.  Before we begin each episode, we ask Thea, who is an Oya priestess, to ground us.  Nekisha lights and incense and this is where each episode begins.  We do this to be fully present with one another and for you.  And the magic and the lessons these moments have given to us are always in alignment with what we need to release any resistance and pull us fully into the moment.  People often say, listening to us is like sitting around the kitchen table and in this episode we’re sharing with you how we set the kitchen table, the moments before we board the mothership and go inside the Black Mama Magic room.  As we gear up to release our 50th episode we’re going to be doing some special things and we wanted to share some of the moments that really feed us and remind us why we decided to sit behind the mic.   We are very intentional here because we don’t take our spirits, your souls and this platform for granted.  Enjoy these magic moments in episode 49 and celebrate episode 50 with us on October 15th. 

Church Announcements: 

  • Responsive Reading:
    • Black Mama Magic Card 28: I Am Supported At All Times
    • Black Mama Magic Card 36: What About the Rest
    • Black Mama Magic Card 41: The Wait Is Over
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    • Books Mentioned in This Episode: The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

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