DBM Episode 48: Black Mamas, Breastfeeding & Informal Milk Sharing w/ Rita Little

Rita Little Breastfeeding Informal Milk Sharing




Dear Mama

What do we lose when we don’t mother in community? What challenges could we overcome if we transformed birth and breastfeeding into a communal experience?  This is the question Rita Little’s story brings to the forefront.  Rita journey is about more than breastfeeding.  It’s about mutual aide, systemic barriers that prevent us from mothering in the way we desire, and the unyielding commitment of Black mothers to our children.  

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Mac & Cheese

Rita Little is a mom trying to leave the world a little better than she found it. She resides with pride in the City of Detroit.  She has been gifted with raising the most amazing four year old full of Black boy joy. Professionally, she works full time as a Community Health Program Manager for a local health system. She also works part time helping to inspire the minds of our future public health professionals, as a professor at two universities. She also remain diligent and dedicated to advocacy and education about breastfeeding with an emphasis on Black families.

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