DBM Episode 41: Surrender, Worthiness & Learning From Our Children featuring Precious Bivings




Dear Mama, I have no words for the Black Mama Magic you are about to experience!  I have tried.  I have searched the depths of my poetic soul and I got nothing.  So I’ll just tell you a little about why I wanted our guest Precious Bivings on the show. about 2 years ago I realized I wasn’t enjoying my life.  I was showing up everyday.  I was getting through.  I had moments of fulfillment but it wasn’t consistent and I wanted to enjoy my life and consistently feel fulfilled.  So Coach P helped me discover the tools I needed to transform my life into a powerful transformative creative experience. Here’s what I will say, if you wanna go higher, keep listening.  If you wanna be stretched, keep listening.   If you wanna find your power, we got you this episode. If you want yo booty to sit up HIGH-YA. KEEP LISSENIN!

*This episode and our next few episodes are special & recorded prior to our hiatus so the format will differ from the usual.  We’re calling them our Mac & Cheese specials cause they are absolutely delicious.  After a short intro we dive right into the Mac & Cheese.  If you wanna hear bonus content from this episode, check our Patreon community.


Mac & Cheese:

The topic for today’s mac and cheese surrender, worthiness & learning from our children.  Our Precious Bivings affectionately know as Coach P was my life coach.  The Mother Ship hit some unchartered territory and It got TIIIIGHT in the up #BlackMamaMagic room but WE AIN’T NEVA scared so we allowed and trusted & whheeewwww WE CAN’T MAKE for yall to hear this conversation & we hope you take some tools with you to make yo booty sit high-ya.  We discussed what it means to surrender, reconciling our ancestors spiritual agreements with their human existence, allowing our children to impact our works and how to make yo booty sit high-ya

Precious Bivings is an intuitive thought leader who helps high performing leaders and public figures transform their mindset, and reach personal fulfillment beyond the work they are known for. Affectionately known as “Coach P,” she’s built a thriving brand as a coach and speaker that shows others how to M.A.S.H. (Make Amazing Sh*t Happen) andexperience complete alignment in every area of their lives.

Coach P has established herself as the woman to see if you’re ready to interrupt patterns of mediocrity and unlock new levels of self-mastery, emotional intelligence, and abundance. She’s an accomplished author and sought after speaker known for delivering high-impact and transformative presentations on stages across the country, including TEDx! The Coach P Experience is rounded out with powerful live events such as the MORE Retreat and MASHCon. You can follow our guest Precious Bivings on IG @hellopreciousmonique and check out the first episode 1 of her docuseries Becoming Precious Somewhere in Bail on Facebook or YouTube at Precious Bivings. You can also check out her Patreon community. To learn more about her work, or invite her to speak at your next personal or professional development event, visit preciousbivings.com.

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