DBM Episode 40: We Back! What We Learned in 2021 and What’s Coming Next





#DearMama, WE BACK! We all deserve the grace and permission to explore our shadows and cradle ourselves in radical honesty. After losing the desire to continue producing our podcast, I went on an unexpected hiatus where I found the answers I was looking for. Today, Thea and Nekisha are riding shotgun with me as we all share our journey looking back at what 2021 taught us and where we’re headed in 2022.


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Mac & Cheese:

The topic for today’s mac and cheese is what are you mothering? This topic came up when I was reflecting on why I hit a wall when it came to Dem Black Mamas. I was feeling uninspired and couldn’t think of show topics that were going to work for the podcast. So I decided to choose myself over the fear of losing my podcast platform and mothered myself – giving myself the space to cradle, nourish, cherish, cultivate, generate, increase, create and feed. So in today’s episode, I’m sharing my journey with you and the birthing that came out of this decision. Thea and Nekisha join me for this conversation all about exploring our shadows, facing your full power, and what we’re continuing to mother in this year ahead.

Segment Highlights:

26:00 Reflecting back, what I realized is what I did in that moment was I mothered myself. -Crystal

33:24 I’ve found the softest version of myself and the raw best, most primal version of myself -Thea

36:00 the fact that I felt I had to choose between being black and wild and being black and love was a problem. And I am currently the experiment for myself on how to challenge that -Thea

42:20 The good and the righteousness that you carry -and I’m nurturing that right now asa daughter and as a mother -Thea

48:52 when the masculine offers me something, it brings up distrust. -Thea

[00:48:52]Instead of hardening around that distrust, I’m learning to soften into it and allow or ask for what I really need -Thea

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