DBM Episode 42: Honoring Your Body, Creativity, and Embracing Motherhood on Your Own Terms featuring Staci Mitchell




#DearMama, we’re about to embark on a meaningful conversation all about your body, creativity, and motherhood. And Staci Mitchell, a yogi, artist, and professor, helps us navigate this discussion all about the Black body, creativity, and Black motherhood. Staci is someone who embodies full power, joy, and energy, and we’re so excited to have her here today to share all about embracing motherhood on your own terms despite tradition, honoring your creativity and intention, and listening to your divine body.

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Mac & Cheese:

Stacey L Mitchell is a fierce and exquisite creative with healing properties. She is an experienced registered yoga teacher and student master of theater, poet, performance, artists, playwright, and director, and a professor of Pan-African studies of 10 plus years. She has incredible insight where yoga and movement intersects and overlaps with theater, womanism, and black feminism rooted in the black aesthetic black and African rhythms.  Staci is the founder of Hieroglyphics Yoga Studio, a practice shaped to heal, grow, serve, and cultivate warrior spirits of justice, power and peace. She also wrote and fought for the first yoga class offered as Pan-African and womanist pedagogy on the campus of Cal State LA: Yoga; Radical Healing Traditions and Practices in 2020. 

Segment Highlights:
[14:00] how I maintain that balance was to just hold space for myself – Staci
[20:00] We are all sitting with the potential to be multiple – Thea
[25:00] Liberation and freedom are journeys, not destinations. – Crystal
[31:00] Giving myself permission to do what I want – Thea
[37:00] I have to trust that I have allowed you to see my multiplicity and all of my complexities – Staci
[43:00] Being aware of the power in our divine femininity – Thea
[49:00] How Black women brought creativity and grouding to the practice of yoga – Staci
[52:00] Staci’s dream creative endeavors in the next 10 years – Staci

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