DBM Episode 43: Rewriting the Script on Mental Health for Black Mothers





#DearMama, We believe in rooting our motherhood and healing because healing is a part of our inheritance and a part of the generational wealth that we pass on to our children. When we heal, we’re not just healing for ourselves. We’re healing for our ancestors. We’re healing for future generations, making the path clearer and smoother for them as they travel down the road. We believe that our culture should not be rooted in pain. Instead, our culture should be rooted in our healing, our joy, our creativity, and our brilliance.


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Mac & Cheese:

For today’s mac and cheese, Thea a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is leading the conversation all about exploring certain sayings of certain parts and certain regions of the black community. In other words, we have a really candid and raw conversation about decolonizing mental health within the black family. We talk about our specific struggles with mental health as black mothers while discussing how society doesn’t give us the human right to be anxious and depressed. We discuss white violence in the realm of black motherhood and birth, and why we need a mental health system today as a result. Tune in to this conversation as Thea reshapes the way we think about mental health and motherhood as black mothers, and why black mental health isn’t just one thing.

Segment Highlights:

  • 10:00 How Thea is managing her mental health and motherhood
  • 14:00 Now I cannot separate my mental health from my spirituality. And now I also am not being able to separate it from my wealth – Thea
  • 19:00 We’re not afforded the human right to be anxious. – Thea
  • 22:00 Why Crystal became a doula
  • 30:00 ​​Black mothers are frontline. They’re the therapist of the family. – Thea
  • 34:00 We need to make a shift from thinking of ourselves as strong to thinking of ourselves as power. – Thea
  • 44:00 Black motherhood, black mental health begins with liberating yourself to explore who am I when I’m not thinking about what other people are saying. – Thea
  • 49:00 Black mental health, it’s not this one thing, right? It’s how our bodies have been handled. It’s how our diets are handled. It’s how our thoughts and feelings are handled. – Thea
  • 55:00 I have to explain to people when I teach them in trainings that your average black person did not grow up here in mental health terms. – Thea

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The Blacker The Brain Info

  • We are an interdisciplinary collective committed to decolonizing various areas of the public sector including but not limited to: Education, Healthcare, Housing, and Mental Health, in an effort to assist in the healing, protecting, and elevating of Black bodies
  • Website: https://theamonyee.com/the-blacker-the-brain/
  • IG: @theblackerthebrain https://www.instagram.com/theblackerthebrain/
  • Cohort Info
    • The objective of TBTB Cohort is to create a network that advocates for and implements ancestrally supported and joy-centered practices for the care and support of Black minds and bodies.
    • A space for a developing cohort of folks involved in healing/mental health/wellness work, who are committed to creating a safer, joy-centered, spirit-led experience and space for Black bodies to heal and navigate the effects of systemic oppression.
    • The Blacker The Brain is an ongoing campaign, conversation and cohort created by therapist and mental health decolonizer, Thea Monyee´ to make mental health inclusive and expansive for Black bodies by teaching practitioners to unlearn harmful ideas, practices, and policies, and empowering potential clients with language, a full understanding of their rights, and a joy centered framework for their healing within in an oppressive society.
    • In addition to access the TBTB lectures, cohort members attend monthly heart sessions facilitated by Thea Monyee, guest co-facilitators, and additional resources.