DBM 44: Honoring and Navigating Our Friendships as Mothers





#DearMama, take time this Mother’s day to honor your friendships. Honor those who have expanded you, stretched you, given to you, trusted you, and elevated you. We come here to be seen and loved, and I’m so grateful to have friends in my life who see me. In this episode, Thea and I share the genesis and evolution of our friendship and the challenges we’ve faced along the way. As always, this podcast has always given me exactly what I need, and today I needed to see love and trust active in my life, holding me. Our intention is that this episode allows you to see yourself and all the women pouring into you as always. 


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Mac & Cheese:

For today’s mac and cheese, Thea and I are talking all about friendship and motherhood as Black women. This episode offers you a portrait of friendship that isn’t perfect. Instead, we offer a peek into what friendship really looks like from jealousy to toxic relationships, and friends who aren’t afraid to put you in your place. This episode left both Thea and I immensely grateful for one another, NeKisha, and all the women we’re so lucky to call friends.

Segment Highlights:

7:00 When I look at the common thread throughout my life, through all my changes, the common thread for me is friendship. – Thea

11:00 When I explained bullying and harassment from specifically black women, I was torn apart. – Crystal

19:00 How do people deal with jealousy and friendships? – Thea

23:00 I love to bring my different groups together. I feel like they contribute to each other. – Thea

27:00 You have to have friends who believe in abundance, not lack. – Thea

32:00 I think it’s a little bit harder to work with friends. – Crystal

42:00 I knew this person will call me on my shit. And that is why she is my friend, because she will not pull punches.. – Crystal

46:00 That is why we’re friends, because I feel like you need friends who balance you out. – Crystal

49:00 If you feel like the relationship is toxic, like, do you still leave the door open? – Crystal

51:00 As you get older, you get a lot more decisive about where your energy goes because you ain’t got as much. – Thea

53:00 I’ve learned so much from you, I’ve learned so much from the NeKisha. I’ve been so inspired by you and NeKisha. And so to have those types of friends, and then to have ones that you feel like are just a total pull on your being, you can feel it, you can literally feel the life force leaving you. – Crystal

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