DBM Episode 16 Raising Free Black Children




Dear Mama: We often dream FOR our children. What if we dreamed WITH our children? What if we discovered who they are instead of trying to determine who they should become? What if we allowed them to dance outside the box no matter how much it scared us? What if we let our children be free? Our intention is to share how our personal journeys towards freedom impacted our parenting and inspire you to begin to parent from a place from freedom and not fear.  As Black mothers we KNOW it’s difficult which is why the discussion is so necessary. Be sure to tag us on social media when sharing the episode and use the hashtag #DecolonizeParenting.  Let’s get free yall!


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Mac & Cheese: Raising Free Black Children

Collection Plate Causes: Speaking Down Barriers

Black Mama Say: S/o to the Seasoned Saint Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman

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Fare of the Free Child 

Dr. Joy Degruy 

Bonnie Watson Coleman


Raising free-spirited black children in a world set on punishing them

12 Revolutionary Ways to Raise Your Black Child

Raising the Queer, Black, & Free

Because I’m a Human; Non-binary Parenting

What Adults Never Told Me as a Queer Black Child



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