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Episode 30 The Doctor Is In: A Conversation w/ Dr. Sayida Peprah on #BlackMaternalMentalHealth




#DearBlackPeople Birthing in a supportive chosen environment should not be othered or a privilege.  It should valued as the norm.  Whether we give birth or not we should all be connected to the experience.  We should all be fighting for Black birth persons to be empowered to articulate and unapologetically create the birth experience we want long before a positive pregnancy test.  Black maternal health does not begin with pregnant Black people.  It begins with changing our minds. It begins by giving voice and value to bodies from the moment they enter the world.  So if the moment arrives to usher a soul Earth side as our guest Dr. Sayida Peprah says “thriving is already instilled as a right not a privilege” and joy is the baseline. Now let’s get free yall and jump into Episode 30 of Dem Black Mamas.



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Church Announcements/Prayer Requests

Prayer Request: 

  • We all want Akilah Richards of Fare of the Free Child to homeschool our kids through zoom
  • People giving birth during COVID-19, Birth workers, & everyone who has is suffering from, caring for someone, and/or lost someone from COVID-19


Mac & Cheese:

Dr. Sayida Peprah, Psychologist/Doula/#BlackMaternalMentalHealth advocate 

Founder of:

Diversity UpliftsFront Line Doulas

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Black Mama Say:

It’s Gone Be a Problem



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