Meditations By Mamas: Surrender Meditation w/ Thea Monyee




#DearMama: Surrender.  Surrender is trusting. Surrender is knowing where you stop and a higher power begins.  Surrender is opening your arms to allow what you need to find you, hold you and nurture you.  This month’s meditation is lead by our very own Thea Monyee and a concrete tool for rest and replenishment. 

Thea is the one of the cohost of #DemBlackMamas & mother of three.  She has recently launched her own podcast Shaping the Shift, available on all streaming platforms. Shaping the Shift is a podcast about change and uncertainty for dreamers and creatives. Follow #ShapingTheShift on IG & Facebook. It is a mouthpiece for MARLEYAYO, the creative wellness consulting company founded by Thea Monyee with the goal to actively support and create tools to reverse the adverse effects of colonization and enslavement by liberating marginalized people around the globe through joy, pleasure, creativity, and intentional decolonization. The vision is to create and nurture a multi-dimensional organism that prioritizes the reintegration of spirit and liberation through education, entertainment, consulting, and land stewardship.

#MeditationsByMamas are lead by Black mamas who want to help us maintain in alignment with healing, creativity and liberation to manifest joy and abundance.


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