DBM Episode 46: Reflecting on Things We Manifested, Following Dreams & Being a Black Mama Creative





#DearMama, we believe that imagination and creativity are tools that helped our ancestors survive and create a culture that continuously evolves.

This is why we created Black Mama Creative Week – a series of digital events starting on June 24th to June 30th. Because motherhood is not the graveyard of dreams. Motherhood is an opportunity to expand and dive deeper into your creativity. So celebrate the ingenuity and innovation of black motherhood with us and get ready to inspire and be inspired. 


Church Announcements:

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  • Black Mama Creative Week 
    • Theme – Decolonizing Creativity: Manifesting Our  Dreams Through Intuition, Healing & Joy
    • Black Mama Creative Week, a series of digital events June 24th – June 30th Inspired by our mantra “Motherhood is not the graveyard of dreams”, Black Mama Creative Week is a series of digital events featuring Black Mama Creatives celebrating the ingenuity and innovation of Black motherhood and to inspire Black Mamas to manifest the life they desire and  live their wildest dreams.
    • Register for Workshops NOW:  https://demblackmamas.com/events/
      • Sunday, June 26th, Writing Workshop: I AM: Writing an Artist/Personal Statement & Cover Letter, NoonET
  • Thea:
  • NeKisha:
  • Crystal: 
    • Writers Well Youth Fellowship is now accepting applications from Black girls/femmes ages 14-19 in South Carolina interested in writing and performance 
    • Link to apply:

Mac & Cheese:

For today’s mac and cheese, we are revisiting episode 15 of Dem Black Mamas, also known as our first Black Mama Creative Episode. In anticipation of Black Mama Week coming up on June 24th, we wanted to revisit this episode to reflect on our journey of creativity. We’ve noticed the beautiful things we’ve manifested on this very podcast, and today, we’re taking a walk through memory lane to celebrate our creative endeavors, where we started, and how we got to where we are today.

Segment Highlights:

  • 14:08 Fear will tell you that being a mama stops you from being anything else. – Crystal
  • 17:31 what did you imagine you would be doing now and how do you feel about where you are creatively? – Thea
  • 24:02 I felt like I was running out of time because the industry tells you, you only have a certain window. So I had to recalibrate my relationship with time and creativity. – Crystal
  • 28:47 I feel like we called it abundance. We called in so many of those things happening that I wanted to have. – NeKisha
  • 31:56 If you don’t do it, somebody else will. – NeKisha
  • 35:57 So I feel like the word for right now [00:36:00] where I am creatively is deep trust. – Thea
  • 42:52 I’m trusting. And that’s the sacred darkness to that sacred womb, that sacred darkness, the unknown, the depths of it. – Thea
  • 50:49 Being alone, loneliness, the language that they know, the innovation is letting go of those. – Crystal
  • 55:57 This is why the embodiment part is important. Check in with your body and see, where am I holding attention? – Thea
  • 1:02:30 We chose creative intentionally. We didn’t choose artists because we wanted people to see creativity in everything. – Crystal
    • Definitions:
      • Oya: The Orisha (an angelic force) that is the divinity that guards the cemetery.  More specifically she protects the souls of the departed as they journey onward.  Oya is viewed as a warrior with great strength. She stands well on her own, but is usually in the company of her counterpart Shango.  Oya is also recognized for her psychic abilities which manifest in the winds.  She is the deity of the storm and hurricanes.  Oya is often seen as the deity of death, but upon deeper realization she is the deity of rebirth as things must die so that new beginnings arise.  She is also a woman of the marketplace and keen at persuasion. 
      • Shakti Energy: Divine Femine Energy (Femine not to be confused with male or female.  We all hold femine energy.)
      • Igbo Landing: In 1803, 75 West Africans, many of them Igbo people from what is now Nigeria, were sold for $100 each to John Couper and Thomas Spalding. They were packed like cargo onto the slave ship the Morovia (or the York; accounts vary). Their fate was excruciatingly obvious, and the only answer was a rebellion. The Igbo overpowered the ship’s captain and killed some of his crew, and the ship ran aground in Dunbar Creek.The Igbo made a conscious decision. They knew that a life of agony and horror awaited them, so they decided to walk into the water. (The Fight to Remember the Black Rebellion at Igbo Landing: The 19th century uprising has long inspired art and folklore. Why do so few traces of it remain in coastal Georgia today? By Ramend Cyrus, Mother Jones)

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