Meditations By Mamas: Full Moon/Shedding Meditation featuring Stepha LaFond




Stepha LaFond  is a motherhood transition coach who is dedicated to helping moms navigate the delicate space between who they were and who they are still becoming. Her services and programs infuse personal development and spirituality and are designed to help moms reclaim their personal power so they can do life and motherhood on their own terms. Follow Stepha on IG: @stephalafond and where she mothers mothers @mamaslaylife .

Full moon meditations are most effective on the day of the full moon, three days before or three days after.  The full moon phase is a time of reflection to let go of things or relationships that are no longer serving you or holding you back.  It’s also a time to surrender and embrace the unknown as an opportunity to transform.

#MeditationsByMamas are lead by Black mamas who want to help us maintain in alignment with healing, creativity and liberation to manifest joy and abundance.


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