Episode 28 Birth Is the Revolution




#DearMama We carry history in our wombs and we can create history in our wombs. These are words of our guest Sista Midwife Nicole Deggins.  The stats on Black maternal health are not our legacy and don’t have to be our destiny. In this episode go from why it’s important to live the #HelloFreshFluffandFoldLife to expanding the work of Black Maternal Health & why doula’s make a difference. You have a few more days to sign up for Sista Midwife’s Doula training in Los Angeles.  It’s gon be lit yall!  As always thanks for rockin with us. Don’t just listen subscribe and follow us on all social media platforms @demblackmamaspodcast so you won’t miss an episode. Please keep emailing us, keep engaging with us through social media comments, your reviews, and SoundCloud comments. Keep sharing us, even if it’s only with one other person. If you’re a new listener, welcome to the ride. Invest in us by becoming a DBM patron, buying merch or giving a one time donation. For full show notes check our website demblackmamas.com. Now let’s get free yall and jump into Episode 28!



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A Conversation with Sista Midwife Nicole Deggins

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