DBM Episode 27 The Upper Room







Dear Mama,

If you’re feeling like you’re in quicksand, disconnected, or running on empty, then this is the episode for you! It is a reminder to not to limit spirit, that spirit is in EVERYTHING and we must continue to dig deeper for a higher connection.  In this episode we revisit Episode 4 How I Made It Ova, recorded two years ago and evaluate our spiritual evolution since then. This is an “Empty the Crates” episode meaning we recorded it a while back and never released it. So some of the commentary may be a little dated.  It’s still a gem though yall. Listen & ask yourself: What do I need to be rooted in to gain alignment on all levels of my being, in every aspect of my identity to manifest the life I need for me and my children to thrive? Let us know what your answer is or even if you couldn’t come up with an answer send us your thoughts and questions about this episode.

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Revisiting Episode 4 (How I Made It Ova) & evaluating the evolution of our spirituality

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The Afiya Center

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“Truth Is…”



Ecowomanism: an interdisciplinary approach to environmental ethics that centers the 

lives, experiences, and perspectives of women of color and women of African 

descent and highlights their contributions to the environmental justice movement.

Ifa: the wisdom of God

One Hand Ceremony: a ritual in which one ties themselves to Ifa, essentially committing 

to following the wisdom of God.

Orisa or Orisha: angelic emanations of the Creator manifesting through nature


African American Religions from 1500 – 2000: Colonialism, Democracy, & Freedom by Sylvester A. Johnson

Ecowomanism: African American Women & Earth-Honoring Faiths by Melanie L. Harris

The Handbook of Yoruba Religious Concepts by Baba Ifa Karade

Ishmael by Daniel Quinn

Jesus & the Disinherited by Howard Thurman

Sistah Vegan: Black Female Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, & Society by A. Breeze Harper

New Theory:

Ancestral Spiritual Technology (AST): accessing tools (rituals, spiritual knowledge) open 

spirits to reveal value and alignment 


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