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Dear Mama,

Take a trip with me back to when you read your first book by Terry McMillian, E. Lynn Harris or Eric Jerome Dickey and their names & their characters names rolled off our tongues like family members.  These authors wrote Blackness without explanation or apology. In these books we were allowed to love, fail, explore, and soar without the weight of being flattened by whiteness. Above all else those books were page turning fun! If you, your mama, or Auntie cut their grown-ness on these books then you’ll love this episode and our guest Frederick Smith & Chaz Lamar, authors of In Case You Forgot, the story of two newly single, Black, queer, and socially aware men who have packed up to start again–in love, career, and life–in the West Hollywood neighborhood of LA.  Zaire James, on the cusp of 30, has decided marriage isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Despite friends, family, and coworkers loving Zaire’s “perfect” partner, divorce is a necessary step for finding himself and being free. Kenny Kane has made a career of deferring dreams, lowering expectations, and chasing partners not on his level in hopes of finding a love to call his own. However, on the verge of the big 4-0, he realizes the clock is ticking on all his dreams.  As Zaire and Kenny undo the significant relationships of their pasts, they hope new opportunities, energy, mindsets, and connections will reinvigorate what is missing in their lives–drama and all. In this episode we delve into this juicy book and all it’s layers, the tension & love between Black women and queer Black men, heteronormativity, Black trauma, healing and laugh ALOT. In Case You Forgot is published by Bold Strokes Book and is available wherever you buy books. As always thanks for rockin with us.  Don’t just listen subscribe and follow us on all social media platforms @demblackmamaspodcast so you won’t miss an episode. Please keep emailing us, keep engaging with us through social media comments, your reviews, and SoundCloud comments. Keep sharing us, even if it’s only with one other person. If you’re a new listener, welcome to the ride. Invest in us (all links in our show notes on our website) by becoming a DBM patron, buying merch or giving a one time donation.  Now let’s get free yall…


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