This house is  a womb rooted in joy, healing, creativity, and liberation expressed through Afro-spiritualism. This installation is a conversation which means we offer opportunities of exchange between the art and participants.  YOU ARE CO-CREATIORS rather than voyeurs or visitors. You are invited to write one word on a wall in the communal space to describe the impact of the installation on you; add song titles to our playlist, add a tag to the healing tree, add an ingredient to the Midwife's Brew, take a salt rock, and a cowrie shell.  Your participation elevates the installation from presentation to conversation transforming the womb into a living organism constantly evolving through contributions rooted in our culture, ultimately becoming an altar, a place of reverence and honor.


The intention of this project is to return the power of the womb to Black Birth Persons. The Black maternal health crisis is the result of centuries of systemic and institutional oppression used to intentionally separate Black people from our bodies in an effort to control or “tame” our existence for the pleasure and perpetuation of white supremacy. When we are disconnected from our bodies we cannot fully engage our freedom because access to our full creative selves is limited. The research and conversations around Black maternal health is limited as well because it’s rooted in the medical system and racism both of which impact Black birth persons, however, this narrow lens leaves us stuck in pain and loss. The information we are given about Black maternal health is not our destiny or legacy. We contend that research regarding Black maternal health needs to be decolonized and the lens widen to focus on the importance of reconnecting to our bodies through Black indigenious tradition, practice and spirituality. We believe, if we root Black birth in healing, creativity, and liberation the possibilities of a transformational experience through the womb are infinite.