DBM Episode 37: Black Mama Beyond Borders w/ Aja Marie

Dem Black Mamas Episode 37Aja Marie Black Mama Beyond Borders




#DearMama  We have a right to explore all the ways to tap into our freedom.  Motherhood should be an opportunity, an experience, a journey of expansion.  Liberation is about breaking down any barrier that binds you, even borders.  We must always be willing to do whatever AND GO wherever we can to be free this lifetime. 


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  • In this episode we talk with Aja Marie who has spent her life digging into the places most don’t want to go, facing fears and learning to come out on the other side exactly as she desires. A former ‘American Dreamer’, when she realized that dream wasn’t hers, she ditched everything she hated and her son hated that  to pursue everything that lit them up . That led to long term travel, closer connection with her son and challenging them in many ways.She’s since lived in Mexico, become a homeschooling mama, and has found a way to use words, in various forms, to express herself and connect with others. Mom of one, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, friend. Aja believes many times your pain isn’t just for you but to help others experiencing similar things. “I must be here to do something great because God wouldn’t put me through all this for nothing!” she says.  Aja inspires others through her work, which focuses on recognizing and healing from black mama trauma.  She is the person behind the blog Doing Life Afraid, the author of The Path to Freedom: The Extended Travel/Moving Abroad Workbook and the voice behind She Said We Shed Podcast, a reclamation project for defining a motherhood that acknowledges and helps us heal from the unresolved trauma-induced parenting practices among Black mothers. The pod is not about dragging Black mamas, it’s about healing. 
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