Power to the people yall! In this episode we’re talking activism, Black motherhood and movements. What is activism? Do movements make room for mothers beyond their grief? We reveal how our parents’ activism impacted us and the impact of patriarchy on organizing. But first Crystal and Nekisha discuss what’s blocking their creativity and Thea tries to convince them to live that Sugar Free life. S/o to Therapy for Black Girls, Sweet Potato Soul, Hey Girl Podcast and the Girl Scouts who get some love in our What’s Good Segment. Plus we’ve got #CollectionPlateCauses (Black Girls Code, Black Girl Mixtape, and Project HER). We also discuss the importance of the booty skirt and as always we close out the show with #BlackMamaSay #QuietAsItsKept


Speaking Down Barriers

Black Girls Need Therapy

Hey Girl Podcast

Sweet Potato Soul

Melina Abdullah (also follow her Twitter @DocMellyMel)

For Jesse Jackson & His Campaign

Black Motherhood & Activism Articles/Videos/Pods:
Mama Brigade: We Believe That We Will Win 
Mothers Activism – Angela Davis
Toni Morrison’s Theory of Motherhood
Black Activist Mothering
Parenting for Liberation
Revolutionary Mothering: By Any Means Necessary
Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Front Lines

Collection Plate Causes
Black Girls Code teaming up with LYFT
Black Girl Mixtape
Project HER – Joyce Sherri
Project HER – Philiane Phang

Black Moms Connection Summit
WOC Podcast

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