DBM Ep 55 – Mother’s Day: Celebrating Black Mamas, Dreaming of Liberation & Creating Your Own Reality

Mothers Day Episode Celebrating Black Mamas




Dear Mama,

Our hope for you today is 

For you to honor the truth of your motherhood journey

Space to heal from harm, disappointment & trauma

And Rest in your being  to release yourself from attaching your worthiness to doing

In this special mother’s day episode we celebrate Black Motherhood through poetry, imagination and meditation with a poem by me Crystal Tennille Irby, Image a new world with NeKisha Killings and a Liberation Meditation from Thea Monyee. 

Celebrate your whole self.  It all belongs.  

Happy Mothers Day Black Mama!




  • Black Mama Creative Week kicks off Saturday, June 24th


  • [00:01:08] “A Psalm for Black Mamas”: A Poem by Crystal Tennille Irby 
    • What becomes of the daughters of a blood thirsty land? They become sons fire forms in mouths preaching awards. Searing souls to the bone, they become oceans, opening their hearts to seas a pain,pushing against levees disguised as backbones. They become lions walking the streets of the wilderness, transforming them into wonderlands.
  • [00:03:51] Dreaming of Liberation with NeKisha Killings
    • We deserve the world, a world of our own making, of our own design. A world designed by limitless imagination and boundless love. A world where the corporeal meets the ethereal and the lines between the two are ever blurred, where we are affirmed and trusted, and held up, and held and believed and honored for the wisdom that we hold deep in our bones for the knowing deep in our bones, in this world of our own design because face it, who else could we trust to design such a world, the spirit slash human work of birthing, of being a portal, a bridge between the scene and the unseen between heaven and earth between past and present, holding space for the new and renewed souls to transition into this realm.
  • [00:09:17] Liberation Meditation from Thea Monyee
    • We are actively constructing it. We are actively building, creating what that world will look like once we physically step into it. Before anything can be physically accessed, it must first be consciously desired, called in, and then consciously created and constructed with strong belief, strong ashe, and clear vision and that’s what we are going to do today.
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Thanks for rockin with us.  We wish you consistency, self acceptance & magic!