DBM Episode 22 Ask Us Anything



#DearMamas, Dear Village

Thank you for loving us, sharing us and engaging with us.  Thank you to everyone who sent us questions and showed us some love.  Thank you for thinking enough of us to want to hear from us. We are so grateful you want to connect with us.  We don’t want Dem Black Mamas to be a presentation or monologue. We want Dem Black Mamas to be an energy exchange, a dialogue between three #BlackMamaCreatives and a conversation with you. So please keep emailing us, keep engaging with us through social media comments, your reviews, and SoundCloud comments.  And keep sharing us, even if it’s only with one other person. We are grateful for you and inspired by you. If you’re a new listener, welcome to the ride…And before we dive in, we keep it all the way real which means sometimes we get a little bit raw, so this episode contains explicit language of a sexual nature..now let’s get free yall 


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NeKisha launches #BreastsideManner webinar and continuing series on breastfeeding (https://www.goldlearning.com/speaker/595/nekisha-killings)

Mac & Cheese: Ask Us Anything: 1)A marriage without affection & no oral sex 2)Thea’s book & NeKisha’s advice to writers who self publish?  3)Pastor John Gray & “wives raising husbands”  4)Spankings 5)B. Smith


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