In this episode we’re LIVE at California State University, Los Angeles and we answer the questions yo mama won’t! From sex and relationships, to dream chasing and adulting.  But first we talk #BlackPanther. We know everyone needs some Black Panther love right now after #AvengersInfinityWar. NeKisha discusses fulfilling your passion in a meaningful way; Thea expains how frying chicken transforms a relationship and Crystal explains why she doesn’t believe in soulmates.  Also reveal what The Wiz teaches us about being the only Black person at work. Thanks to Cross Cultural Centers at Cal State LA for having us and treating us like royalty!


On Killmonger, The American Villian of “Black Panther” by Doreen St. Felix

Black Panther & the Invention of Africa by Jelani Cobb

Toni Morrison on the white gaze:

The Wiz – Everybody Rejoice (Brand New Day):