Room #2 Yemoja: Healing

Healing Room expressed through Yemoja: This room is inspired by the elements of healing represented by the Yoruba Orisha Yemoja, mother, healer, governing the life sustaining part of the ocean, the cycles of the moon, comforter, nurturer. Her salt waters collect our tears and allow us to leave her presence freed from sorrow, shame, guilt, and open to purpose therefore his room will honor women and children who did not survive birth and women who have had an abortion to echo the proclamation that Black maternal health is rooted in Reproductive Justice. Therefore ALL that transpires in the womb is worthy of healing. Her colors are Blue and White, her number is seven. This room includes elements of water, blue, movement, and images that imitate being in the healing arms of Yemaya. The intention of this room is to remind participants that healing is a necessary part of realizing purpose. 


1)Listen to the poem written by NeKisha Killings.

2)Write a healing thought or anchor you wish to let go of on a tag. Tie it to the tree.

2)Take a salt rock.

3)Walk in your healing.