Room #1 Communal Room: Sacral Chakra

Communal Space expressed through Sacral Chakra: This communal space will reflects the energy we feel is most important to Black liberation which is joy housed in the sacral chakra. When we are able to access this energy we are able to transform our experience independent of whiteness and white affirming systems and institutions. We feel this is the energy systemic and institutional oppression blocks the heaviest because in order for white supremacy to thrive we cannot have control over our joy experience. Therefore connection to the sacral chakra which houses the womb is critical to Black maternal health. 


1)Listen to podcast snippets

2)In the designated area add to the #BlackMamaMagic Playlist

3)In the designated area write one word that brings you joy.

4)Return here after you have experienced the entire installation & leave one word in the designated are that describes how you feel.