Room #4 Oya: Liberation

Liberation Room expressed through Oya: This room is inspired by the elements of liberation represented by the Yoruba Orisha Oya. Governing transformation, untamed feminine energy, and the necessary destruction that precedes all birth, Oya is a feminine warrior whose presence is essential to the correcting of any wrongs. She is known as the Niger River as well as the wind, from the subtle breeze to the fierce hurricane. Radical societal shifts, especially the liberation of Black bodies, falls in her domain, and is represented in this room as wind, a range of colors (she is also associated with the rainbow) copper, and imagery provoking an afrofuturistic look at the future of Black Maternal Health. This room honors current Black birthers and highlights how they have brought the rituals and practices of Black birth workers forward and bond it with the liberation of Black people.


1)Listen to the poem by Thea Monyee.

2)Take a cowrie shell.

3)Walk in your liberation.