Room #3 Oshun: Creativity

Creativity Room expressed through Oshun: This room is inspired by the elements of creativity represented by the Yoruba Orisha Oshun, who governs creativity, pleasure, beauty, bravery, and fresh waters, the waters we drink and that make life possible. Her colors are yellow and white, her number is five, her metal is gold. This room will includes  water, yellow, movement, images, and textures that inspire the rush of pleasure and audacity represented by Oshun. The intention of this room is to inspire innovation. This room will honor Granny midwives and the practices and rituals of indigenous Black birth workers and the creators of the Reproductive Justice movement. 


1)Listen to the poem written by Crystal Tennille Irby.

2)Write an intention rooted in healing, creativity and/or abundance on a doilie.

3)Place it in the corresponding pot.

4)Walk in your intention.