Dem Black Mamas Podcast answers all the questions yo mama won't.  From sex and dream chasing to adulting and raising free Black children, Crystal Tennille Irby, NeKisha Killings & Thea Monyee give you all the #BlackMamaMagic your heart can hold.

 We believe platforms are a two way street.  We want to hear from our listeners.  Send us topic suggestions and questions.  We also want to work with organizations, schools, universities and businesses dedicated to amplifying Black women.  Send us a message and let's build something beautiful.

Book us for live shows, workshops, panel discussions, lectures, hosting, and guest speaking. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Writing Workshops
  • Iunno Nuttin' 'Bout Birthing No Babies: Preparing for Birth & Healing from Birth Trauma
  • A Different World: Preparing For College, Adulting & Pursuing Your Passion
  • Liquid Gold: Overcoming Breastfeeding Obstacles
  • You Gon Learn Today: Homeschooling 101
  • Get Yo Head Right: Head Wraps & Living Free of the White Gaze
  • #BlackMamaMagic: Raising Free Black Children
  • #BlackMamaCreatives: Motherhood Is Not the Graveyard of Dreams
  • #MeToo Mama: Raising Children in the Midst of Rape Culture & Toxic Masculinity

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