Crystal discusses her first directing experience since giving birth; Thea talks the importance of wellness and we learn again why she’s Jesus’ fav; and NeKisha puts in her birthday request. Then #DemBlackMamas discuss the importance of and our different journeys in building villages, virtually and physically that nurture us on every level of our being as mothers, Black women, creatives and entrepreneurs. We open up about how fears and anxieties about letting people in and how our childhood informed the way we build community. We begin the conversation with a discussion about the impact integration had on Black folks ability to build villages and community. Plus collection plate causes and in Black Mama Say we reveal how Ida B. Wells revealed to us the one thing Black women HATE TO DO.

Untitled Reconstruction Project
Stop Breath Think App
Yoga With Adriene
Black Yogi’s Do Exist & Yes We Matter
The Healing Wisdom of Africa
What Happened to All the Black Teacher
Side Hustle Pro
Build Brand Launch
Black Moms Connection

Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands
Me Too
American Black Cross

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